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Welcome to the Acuparse Documentation. Use the resources below to assist in your installation and configuration of Acuparse.

Acuparse is a PHP/MySQL program that captures, stores, and displays weather data from an AcuRite 5-in-1/Atlas weather station and tower sensors, via your Access/smartHUB. It uploads weather data to Weather Underground, Weathercloud, PWS Weather, Windy, and CWOP. It also processes and stores images from a local network camera for display and uploads to Weather Underground.

Built for weather geeks and designed to be clean, simple, and mobile friendly. It uses a minimal UI with a focus on data, not flashy graphics. Designed to compliment MyAcuRite and other 3rd party's sites and tools.

Notice: This program is open source 3rd party software. It is neither written nor supported by AcuRite®‎. This software requires a working AcuRite®‎ Access/smartHUB. Weather data gets redirected from your Access/smartHUB to your Acuparse server. It is captured, stored, and passed along to MyAcuRite. The response from MyAcuRite gets sent back to the Access/smartHUB. Although the syslog may assist with diagnosing issues; if you cannot send data to MyAcuRite, you may experience trouble with Acuparse. Users currently having trouble sending updates to Weather Underground should find Acuparse much more stable.

Git Repositories

Main Installation Guide

Info: Installation supported on Debian/Rasbian Buster(10) or Ubuntu 18.04/19.04.

Quick Install

Install the base operating system and update. Then download and run the installer.

wget && sudo bash install | tee ~/acuparse.log


Optional Configuration

External Updater Configuration