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Acuparse OpenWeather Updater Guide

Open Weather Map is an API based service. You will need a basic understanding of API's to use OpenWeather Map data.

Acuparse will upload your data, but does not facilitate the viewing of that data. You will need to use the provided API to query your data. See the Open Weather Map API Guide for more details!


  1. Create an account in the members' area to generate your API key.
  2. Register your station and get a unique identifier.

To register your station, you must use your command line or Postman to send an API request to OpenWeather.


A note about API calls on the command line. If you want to "prettify" your output, install jq and pipe your results through it. curl ... | jq. You can install jq by running sudo apt install jq

Replace <EXTERNAL_ID>, <STATION_NAME>, <LATITUDE>, <LONGITUDE>, <ALTITUDE>, and <API_KEY> with your stations values in the query below. See the link above for more details.

curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST -d '{"external_id": "<EXTERNAL_ID>","name": "<STATION_NAME>","latitude": <LATITUDE>,"longitude": <LONGITUDE>,"altitude": <ALTITUDE>}' '<API_KEY>'


  1. Change enabled to true.
  2. Add your station ID and API key.

Reviewing Data

You can use the below command to check your readings. Replace <STATION_ID> and <API_KEY> with your values.

curl '<API_KEY>&station_id=<STATION_ID>&type=d&limit=100&from=0&to=3000000000'