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Acuparse Backup Guide

A script is included in cron to run daily backups. It will run automatically on Docker installs, but local installs will need to enable this manually.

Docker Containers

The backup task is enabled in the container by default. Edit your acuparse.env file and set BACKUPS_ENABLED=0 to disable. See also: Docker Backup/Restore

Local Install


  • Copy the backup script in cron/backup to your home directory.

    cp /opt/acuparse/cron/backup ~/
  • Update the script with your Acuparse SQL Password.

  • Optionally edit KEEP_BACKUPS_FOR and BACKUP_CAM_IMAGES with your custom values.
  • Add the backup script to your system Cron.

    crontab -l | { cat; echo "* 0 * * * /bin/bash ~/backup"; } | crontab -


Extract the backup archive.

tar -xvf /var/opt/acuparse/backups/<BACKUPDATE>.tar.gz

Then restore your database.

mysql -p<MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD> acuparse < mysql.sql

Copy your config file back cp config.php /opt/acuparse/src/usr/config.php