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Acuparse DNS Redirect Guide

You will need to redirect your DNS so that your Access/smartHub uploads your data to Acuparse and not MyAcuRite directly.

Note: Access users can use the included script to modify the Access upload server instead of, or as well as, redirecting DNS.

See /admin/access_server once logged into your site.

You must use a hostname for the upload server. IP addresses will not work!

External Connection to Acuparse

If your smartHUB/Access is connected to your local network and sending readings to MyAcuRite directly, you will need to install a DNS server on your local network.

DNS Servers

  • Use something like Pi-hole®.
  • Install Bind9, unbound, etc on a device installed locally on your network.


Use a firewall that allows you to customise your DNS.

Direct Connection to Acuparse

You can use your Acuparse server to redirect your DNS locally. To use this method, connect your smartHUB/Access directly to an ethernet interface on the Acuparse system.

MyAcuRite Upload URL's

Redirecting the DNS locally will cause issues with uploads to MyAcuRite. The redirect will cause Acuparse to upload data to its self. In this case, you should select the secondary urls in the MyAcuRite config settings. Acuparse will then upload readings to MyAcuRite as expected.