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Acuparse Citizen Weather Observer Program Updater Guide

CWOP has a more complicated format and initialization process. Review the following site for more details.

After you have sent data packets to CWOP, check that your data is successfully reaching the server by visiting<your_cwop_id>.

If your plotted location on the findU map is correct, send an e-mail to [email protected] giving your CW/DW designator and ask to be registered. Your data can then flow to NOAA.



  1. Change enabled to true
  2. Input your station ID
  3. Enter your station coordinates in ddmm.hhN/dddmm.hhW format.
    • Where d is degrees, m is minutes and h is hundredths of minutes.
    • The hemispheres are represented by capital letters; N, E, S, W
  4. Check the update interval. 10 minute intervals is a good choice but no sooner than every 5.